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When I attended NAIT, we had the importance of solid logo design drilled into our heads. Without a clean, cohesive logo to unify your brand, it’s hard to stand out in your client’s minds when they’re seeking out your services.

My first designs were admittedly laughably bad, but I have had 11 years to finetune my skills and develop a real passion for logo design.


BUT WAIT! Why pay a designer actual money when you could just use one of the many cheap/free logo design resources out there?


Glad you asked! By hiring me, you not only get the creative freedom to tell me what to do, but I know what questions to ask to help you really figure out your vision. Don’t have a vision? The cheap guys won’t help you there! I have years of experience in layout, typography and colour choice, and a boundless imagination to boot. I’m ready to bring my combined skillset to your next branding project.


As an added bonus, I even specialize in turning your existing low resolution logo into a vector (depending on the original image quality and complexity of the original design). 


Need more convincing? Feel free to take a look at some of my samples below!



Ready to take this to the next level? Hit the button below to reach out and message me!

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