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I don't know about you, but it drives me crazy when you have to guess what someone charges for their services. How can you plan your budget if you have no idea what to expect going in? 

With that in mind, depending on the scope of your project, I charge the below-industry-standard rate of $50/hour. 

What does $50/hour get you, you might ask? Great question! My standard services include:

  • An initial phone call or in-person meeting to discuss your project needs and expectations, as well as my own as your designer

  • I will give you a contract outlining everything, to agree upon and sign together before work will begin (this provides clarity for BOTH of us!)

  • Polished drafts with up to 3 revisions. Additional revisions will be done at the extra fee of $60/hour (however, I do pride myself on my quick turnaround times!) 

  • I will act as a go-between you and your print shop, if you need. I am familiar at setting up files for print AND communicating with the shops!

  • We will meet/correspond as many times as it takes to get the project completed to everyone's satisfaction. Hopefully this part doesn't take too long!

  • Upon payment of my invoice, I will send you your completed and packaged files, ready for print, web, or wherever your heart desires!


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