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photo of a momster sign on a white background with some plants


My design journey began in 2012, when I felt the call to give up my oilfield Admin Assistant job and try my hand at Graphic Design. I took NAIT's Graphic Communications program, graduated with honours, and have never looked back.

The idea for Momster first began after I had my first son in 2018. After I had just figured out how to be a stay-at-home-mom, COVID hit and there is only so much bread a person can bake before they go nuts. I started by selling painted rocks, polymer clay jewelry, and repurposed mirrors. Eventually I realized my true talent is in Graphic Design, as it is what I was trained in and excel at. So it's only natural that I shift my focus to freelancing!
I embrace a fresh, modern style but am open to any new and exciting design challenges. 


Momster Design's name is inspired by a sign my bestie gifted me that lives next to my front door as a reminder to never take myself too seriously. Now it is time to combine my professional design skills with my mommy perfectionism to help your next project sparkle!

photo of smiling girl Melanie Sands with blue overlay

The Momster Mission is to bridge the
gap between
affordable prices and

awesome design.

a couple of people posing for the camera

The Momster Vision is to make quality design affordable for everyone, regardless of company size or budget. I want to bridge that gap between the designers who offer bargain-bin products for bargain-bin prices and the agencies who charge your firstborn for a new logo. I offer premium services at medium prices!

colorful pencil crayons with one sticking out


Great question! When you call on Momster to work on a project for you, you are calling someone real, who cares about the end product as much as you do. I've been trying to teach my kids that "whatever you do, do it well." From start to finish, I apply a painstaking amount of care to ensure your project sparkles in the long run. Over the years I have grown far more confident in my ability to connect with my client's vision, and apply my lifelong drawing skill and boundless imagination to bringing creative dreams to life. And unlike the "big guys," I am in it for more than just the money, which is why I'm happy to offer what would be considered a premium level of service at a price point that is much more accessible to all. It's a win-win!

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